SAM Endorses Three Candidates in Connecticut’s Municipal Elections

October 31, 2019 – SAM announced its endorsements last week of three 2019 Connecticut candidates for municipal office: Danielle Chesebrough, an unaffiliated candidate for First Selectman of Stonington, Michelle Harrold an unaffiliated candidate for reelection to the Board of Education in Tolland, and Mike Urgo, an Independent candidate for reelection as First Selectman of North Stonington.

The three endorsements are part of SAM’s efforts to build on its successes in New York where it achieved party status as a result of the votes secured by its candidates in 2018.  In the upcoming November elections, SAM is running over 100 candidates in municipal and legislative races.

Scott Muller, the Chair of SAM said, “We’re building a new type of political party as an alternative to the divisive practices and ideologies of the Democrat-Republican duopoly.  Our new party champions candidates who pledge to be transparent, accountable, and committed to pursuing common sense solutions to the wide range of issues that we face on the national, state, and local levels.  We are proud to endorse Danielle, Michelle, and Mike as public servants who embody these values, and we look forward to working with them as we pursue initiatives to unrig the election system in Connecticut.”

Oz Griebel, the Chair of the SAM-CT Task Force, echoed Muller’s comments, “Danielle, Michelle, and Mike have demonstrated that their priorities are voters and not partisan politics.  Their values and commitments are at the heart of the Task Force’s initiatives to unrig our election structure by opening the State’s primaries, including the 2020 Presidential primaries, and passing legislation that establishes ranked-choice voting and term limits.  By doing so, voters will dramatically benefit from greater competition and more choice rather than being boxed in by the “lesser of two evil” option that too often characterizes our elections.”

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