October 22, 2019 – Today, SAM announced its endorsement of Mike Urgo, an Independent candidate for First Selectman of North Stonington. Urgo, a Farmers Insurance agent, is running for a second term and previously served on the town’s Board of Finance and chaired its School Modernization Committee.

SAM is building a new kind of political party that reverses the corrupted incentives of today’s broken system. Scott Muller, the Chair of SAM, said, “Mike has shown that he can succeed as a leader in North Stonington and we are proud to endorse his reelection campaign. He’s said that he doesn’t consider himself a politician, and we are proud to support people who take new approaches to governing.”

Urgo said “I support a more collaborative approach to government and working together regardless of party.  I’m excited to receive SAM’s endorsement and look forward to benefitting from the party’s encouragement and to working with its Connecticut team to achieve positive political change in North Stonington and the rest of the state.”

SAM’s endorsement of Connecticut candidates is part of its efforts to build on its successes in New York where it achieved party status as a result of the votes secured by its candidates in 2018.

Oz Griebel, who is serving as the Chair of SAM’s Connecticut Task Force, noted that the Task Force is working on unrigging Connecticut’s election structure by opening the state’s primaries, including the 2020 Presidential primaries, and advocating for legislation that establishes ranked-choice voting and term limits.  Regarding Urgo’s candidacy, Griebel commented, “Mike’s success in his first term coupled with his business experience and prior town service will continue to move North Stonington forward.  I admire Mike’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and commitment to common-sense solutions.  His skills and ability to engage others to work for the common good will ensure that the town builds on its considerable strengths and addresses the goals and needs of its citizens.”