October 22, 2019 – Today, SAM announced its endorsement of Michelle Harrold, an unaffiliated candidate for Tolland Board of Education.  Harrold currently serves on the BOE as a Republican but has shed her party label in this reelection bid.

SAM is building a new kind of political party that reverses the corrupted incentives of today’s broken system. Scott Muller, the Chair of SAM, said, “It’s encouraging to see an elected official like Michelle have the courage to leave their party, stand up against our broken system, and seek reelection based on their merits as a candidate and their track record as a public servant.”

Harrold commented “I don’t play the partisan games because they’re ineffective and disruptive, especially in small communities.  I’m excited to receive SAM’s endorsement because of the work that the party is doing nationally and its efforts to unrig the election system in Connecticut.  I look forward to benefitting from the party’s encouragement and to working with its Connecticut team to achieve positive political change in Tolland and the rest of the state.”

SAM’s endorsement of Connecticut candidates is part of its efforts to build on its successes in New York where it achieved party status as a result of the votes secured by its candidates in 2018

Oz Griebel, who is serving as the Chair of SAM’s Connecticut Task Force, noted that the Task Force is working on unrigging Connecticut’s election structure by opening the state’s primaries, including the 2020 Presidential primaries, and advocating for legislation that establishes ranked-choice voting and term limits.  Regarding Harrold’s candidacy, Griebel commented, “Michelle is respected in Tolland for championing actions that focus on the students and the taxpayers rather than partisan politics.  I admire Michelle’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and achieving common-sense solutions and know that her experience and values will keep the Tolland school system on the road to excellence.”