October 22, 2019 – Today, SAM announced its endorsement of Danielle Chesebrough, an unaffiliated candidate for First Selectman of Stonington.  Chesebrough currently serves on the Town’s Board of Finance and Economic Development Commission and works at the United Nations helping companies and financial markets operate more sustainably.

SAM is building a new kind of political party that reverses the corrupted incentives of today’s broken system. Scott Muller, the Chair of SAM, said, “I have had the pleasure of working with Danielle on Stonington matters and can attest that she embodies the values that SAM prizes in candidates: a clear commitment to transparency, accountability, and working to achieve common sense solutions to issues.  The Town of Stonington will be in good hands with Danielle at the helm.”

Chesebrough commented “It meant a great deal to me when Stonington’s Democratic Town Committee endorsed me to be their nominee for First Selectman and respected my decision to remain an unaffiliated candidate. I am further humbled and honored to accept SAM’s endorsement. The core values of SAM are very much aligned with the views of many Stonington residents I have had the pleasure of speaking with, who believe our community leaders can, and should, work to find compromise and consensus. These values are at the heart of my service to our community.  I look forward to benefitting from the experience of working with the SAM team in the years to come.”

Oz Griebel, who is serving as the Chair of SAM’s Connecticut Task Force, noted that the Task Force is working on unrigging Connecticut’s election structure by opening the state’s primaries, including the 2020 Presidential primaries, and advocating for legislation that establishes ranked-choice voting and term limits.  Regarding Chesebrough’s candidacy, Griebel said, “Danielle will bring her professional experience, local knowledge, and contagious energy to the First Selectman role.  Stonington will benefit from her passion and her ability to work with members of both parties to build on the town’s considerable strengths and to address the goals and needs of its citizens.”