Thursday, November 7 — SAM (the Serve America Movement), a new national party committed to transparency, accountability, fundamental electoral process reform and problem solving announced that 51 candidates running on the SAM Party ballot line in New York won election. In addition, two unaffiliated candidates endorsed by its SAM Connecticut Task Force won their races as well.

“We are absolutely thrilled with these election day results,” said Scott Muller, national Chair of SAM. “For so many SAM candidates to win in our first election is extremely encouraging and shows how hungry voters are for a viable alternative to America’s broken two-party system.”

This is SAM NY’s first election as an official party recognized by the State of New York and the debut of SAM’s Connecticut Task Force.

SAM achieved official party status in New York on Election Day 2018. In 2019, under the leadership of Party Chair Michael Volpe, SAM NY recruited and supported over 100 candidates running for offices in 21 counties across New York State, including county executive, county supervisor, mayor, county legislator and town supervisor among others.

“Our first election with a state-wide ballot line showed a significant interest from candidates across the state to run their campaigns with a different, new kind of promise to voters,” said Volpe.  “We are pleased to see their message resonate so well as evidenced by the number of victories achieved by SAM candidates in New York.”

This year, SAM has also organized a Connecticut Task Force headed by 2018 unaffiliated Gubernatorial candidate Oz Griebel (a former Republican) and his unaffiliated running mate Monte Frank (a former Democrat). SAM’s Connecticut Task Force is working to reform Connecticut’s electoral system by opening the state’s closed primaries, including the 2020 Presidential primaries, advocating the use of Ranked Choice Voting in general elections, and establishing term limits for statewide offices.

“We couldn’t be happier with SAM’s victories in Connecticut and in New York,” commented SAM Connecticut Task Force Chair, Oz Griebel  “Wins like this help create momentum on which we can build in our efforts to open up Connecticut’s electoral system to increase competition and choice for Connecticut’s voters.”