Let the Majority Rule: Adopt Ranked Choice (aka Instant Run-Off) Voting (“RCV”)

We all believe in “majority rule”. But that is not how our current system works when there are more than two candidates. Ranked Choice Voting (also known as Instant Run-Off Voting) allows voters to rank candidates in order of preference and ensure that the winner is the candidate with a majority of voter support.

RCV achieves the same result as run-off elections and saves money and time, gives independent and third-party candidates a greater chance to win, allows voters to support their top choice without fear of ‘wasting’ their vote, eliminates the risk that a vote for the candidate a voter most wants will help elect a candidate the voter does not like, and forces all candidates to try to appeal to voters beyond a narrow partisan base. Learn more about Instant Run-Off or Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) and how it works, from our friends at FairVote, here.


Here is a document that includes proposed legislation to implement Ranked Choice Voting in Elections in Connecticut.