Our Efforts in 2021

2018 seems like a long time ago, and how the world has changed. Back then you were a crucially important supporter of Oz and my work to become the next Governor and Lieutenant Governor of our great State of Connecticut. Fast forward to 2021 and we have witnessed partisan politics like never before. This combined with a pandemic unseen for over a century has inspired me to work harder than ever before to create a new and positive way of doing business in the State. While we tragically lost Oz early this year, his work continues and we hope you will be inspired to continue to join us on this inspirational journey with The Griebel-Frank For CT Party, part of SAM (Serve America Movement) Alliance.

What do we stand for? The absence of litmus tests and the embrace of a political party that reflects its constituents.  We are a party that believes in democracy and good governance, essentially the principles upon which our country was founded 245 years ago.  At our core we are committed to electoral reforms which will help regular people get involved in politics and create a positive and efficient Government at all levels.

Through our work we recently saw First Selectman Dan Rosenthal elected in Newtown CT as a SAM-CT candidate. Our SAM-CT caucus has been working within the legislature toward healing political divides and finding compromise and progress in future legislation. All of this with the Griebel-Frank For CT Party helping guide the way.

While we establish SAM-CT fully as a party in CT we will continue to work under the Griebel- Frank For CT umbrella. Our leadership has been meeting regularly as we gear up for the 2022 election cycle. In the coming months we will be gathering groups with representatives from all 169 cities and towns in Connecticut to fully mobilize our movement. Change is coming and is the breath of fresh air that we have all been longing for in politics.

We are looking for help at this critical juncture. If you are willing to chat either on the phone, zoom, or over a coffee, email us back. We would love for you to join us on this journey to change our political future for the better. If you can help us by making a contribution prior to year end it will position us for success as we bring our slate of The Griebel-Frank For CT Party, part of SAM (Serve America Movement) Alliance!

We welcome your feedback and thank you for your time and consideration.

Monte Frank
SAM CT Chairman