Last Chance in 2021!

Yesterday we emailed you to tell you about the great work The Griebel-Frank For CT Party, part of SAM (Serve America Movement) Alliance. has been up to. The truth is our work has never been more important than now. Our main focus has been on election reform initiatives in an effort to see more regular people involved in public service. We are looking for people who are seeking public office to serve, not seeking power. We have been effective thus far but to continue our work we need your help.

If you could please consider a year end contribution to the Griebel-FrankforCT to help our cause it will really help us. You can easily make a contribution by clicking here.

If you are unable to contribute, there are other ways to get involved. If you are willing to chat either on the phone, zoom, or over a coffee, email us back. We would love for you to join us on this journey to change our political future for the better.

We welcome your feedback and thank you for your time and consideration. For more information about what we are trying to do at Griebel-FrankforCT, a member of the SAM (Serve America Movement) Alliance, visit


Monte Frank
Chairman, Griebel-FrankforCT Party