Griebel-Frank For CT Candidate Opportunities

We know there are many civic minded individuals who would like to serve their community as an elected official but feel held back by lack of experience or a desire to pursue the best interest of their constituency without the need to adhere to party litmus tests. It can be done. Just ask Dan Rosenthal, the First Selectman of Newtown, who ran on the SAM-CT party line and won reelection in November.

Griebel-Frank For CT, a part of the SAM (Serve America Movement) Alliance, is looking for individuals who would consider running for office and who embrace transparency and traditional civic values as well as key reforms, such as Ranked Choice Voting. As part of the recruitment process, we want to include as many as who may be interested in running. If you may be interested in running for Governor, Lt. Governor or Secretary of the State or at the local level as a registrar of voters, please let us know.

As a former First Selectman of North Stonington I would be happy to share with you my experiences. As the Executive Director for Griebel-Frank For CT, we can discuss the role that a party without litmus tests can play in your campaign.

If you have toyed with the idea of running for office but want to do it for the right reasons, now is the time for that conversation. Please reply to this email or email me at

Reimagining our Democracy in Connecticut,
Mike Urgo
Executive Director, Griebel-Frank For CT Party