Editorial: Open primaries to unaffiliated voters

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The New London Day’s editorial board joins SAM-CT Task Force Chair Oz Griebel in calling for open primaries

Last time Griebel was in the news it was as a non-party, petitioning candidate for governor in 2018. He finished a distant third behind the winner, Democrat Ned Lamont, and Republican candidate Bob Stefanowski.

SAM — Serve America Movement — describes itself as “a citizen-driven, voluntary group of people who believe America can be, and should be, a country where level-headed views work to find compromise and consensus.”

A former Republican, Griebel, trying to appeal to centrist and unaffiliated voters, ran as a problem solver who would not be bound by the partisan dogma that he argued inhibits Democrats and Republicans from working together.

Allowing unaffiliated voters into primaries, it can be argued, could lead to the nomination of candidates with a broader, centrist message, rather than candidates who must play to partisans on the left or right to win the party-members-only primaries.”