CT Candidates Questionnaire Results

At a time of partisan politics and dysfunctional government, SAM-CT is building a new party for the new majority around shared principles of transparency, accountability, problem-solving, and electoral reforms. In order to turn the ship, we need to change the way we elect public servants, so they genuinely serve us, the residents of our state. That is why we are pursuing four electoral reforms designed to unrig the system.

We have conducted an online Survey since May on those critical reforms of open non-partisan public primaries, ranked-choice voting, term limits, and vote-by-mail. Nearly 500 CT residents have participated with over 73% support for each reform.

We followed the Survey by sending a questionnaire to all candidates for statewide office in CT, asking for their position on the same four electoral reforms. The candidates’ responses are available to the public at this link. 

Please contact your candidate and ask them about their responses. And, if candidates in your district did not respond, ask them why not. We can fix this, together.

CT Questionnaire Results.