About SAM CT

The SAM CT Task Force was created in 2019 to provide real competition to the two-party monopoly that has had a stranglehold on voters for decades and that forces candidates into partisan camps focused on reelection rather than issues that concern the voters of the Constitution State.

We are building a coalition of those voters to unrig the State’s election system to make it more competitive by opening up primaries that are paid for by all taxpayers, by implementing ranked-choice voting, and by enacting term limits.  We want our elections to work for We the People and not for two parties that focus on which one is in power.

Join our coalition, and we’ll empower candidates who value transparency, accountability, and commitment to working for common-sense solutions to issues that matter to those who live in Connecticut today and who will live here tomorrow.

SAM CT Leaders

Hagar Chemali
Chris Cooper
Monte Frank
Oz Griebel
Carl McCluster
John Merrill
Maryfrances Metrick
Case Van der Velde