SAM in Connecticut

SAM (the Serve America Movement) is a new kind of political movement – one that empowers voters and their elected representatives and rejects the straitjacket of party-imposed, left-right ideology. SAM is working around the Country to form a diverse coalition of voters dedicated to electing candidates to solve the problems facing Americans by refusing to participate in the irreconcilable political polarization between the two major parties that is destroying our democracy.

SAM in CT is working with Connecticut residents in villages, towns and cities across all regions. A diverse state with serious economic and other challenges requires independent-minded public servants – not politicians – who will stand for pragmatic common-sense solutions over rigid ideology. We welcome all, regardless of their views on particular issues, who are committed to governance based on civil discourse, transparency, accountability, honest fact-finding, problem-solving and fair, competitive elections.

To achieve this, SAM will be working to advocate for electoral reforms outlined here and candidates that support this mission. SAM will recruit and endorse candidates under the ‘Griebel-Frank for CT’ party, which is an affiliate of SAM national.

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Ensure Everyone's Ability to Vote Safely and Securely


Stop Spending Public Money on Party Primaries That Are Not Open to the Public


Let the Majority Rule: Adopt Ranked Choice (aka Instant Run-Off) Voting (“RCV”)


Adopt Term Limits for Key State Offices

About SAM in CT

SAM believes that our political system needs to focus on solving problems. The two major parties have become gridlocked in a system that plays to extremes, rewards rhetoric over results, and prevents compromises required to address critical issues.

SAM is the only true big tent political organization made up of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, moderates, and those from the center-left and center-right. We come together, not around inflexible political positions or dogma, but by our core shared principles of fair and open elections and ballot access, campaign finance transparency, non-partisan election oversight and districting, and electoral reforms such as ranked-choice voting.

In CT, SAM will recruit and endorse candidates under the ‘Griebel-Frank for CT’ party, which is an affiliate of SAM national.  Griebel-Frank candidates may not always agree with each other on specific issues, but they share a deep common desire to find ways to get things done. We recognize our candidates’ first obligation is to represent their constituents and the people of Connecticut. Our candidates will devote themselves to finding common-sense solutions to the issues facing our great state.


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